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Prevent Mold in Your Home By Following These Simple Steps

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

These mold prevention tips can be applied to any home or structure. The main point is for mold to grow moisture and a food source must be present. When items remain wet for over 48 hours, mold will begin to grow on any material. The key to mold prevention is to control moisture sources.

Mold Growth Caused By Plumbing Leak

Here Are 10 Proven Methods To Prevent Mold Issues In Your Home

  1. Vent moisture generating items to building exterior, this includes stoves, clothes dryers, and other such appliances to stop mold growth

  2. Use exhaust vents in bathrooms to remove moisture.

  3. Fix leaks as soon as they happen.

  4. Dry out materials within 24 hours to prevent mold from growing.

  5. Lower humidity levels in the home. Ideal humidity levels range between 30 - 50%. Anything over 60% can cause mold to grow.

  6. Keep gutters and downspouts clean and ensure they drain away from the building

  7. Avoid installing carpets in moisture prone areas

  8. Inspect AC units

  9. Do not block AC vents

  10. Ensure AC system in serviced and operating correctly.



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