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How to Avoid Back Pain and Injury: Using Proper Lifting Methods

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Avoid Back Pain and Injury

By using proper lifting techniques, the majority of back pain and injuries can be avoided. Most of back pain is caused by injuries to the back over time and improper lifting techniques. The most common injury to the back is strain or overexertion. Improper lifting, twisting while lifting, lifting with your back all cause injuries. At home or at work. Stop and assess the situation before you attempt to lift an item or load. Assess the object to get an idea of how heavy the item is and determine if you need help. As a rule , avoid lifting items that are bulky, extremely heavy or if you are unable to handle items heavier than 30 to 40 pounds. If necessary use a lifting device.

Cause of Back Pain and Injuries

  • Lifting with your back

  • Twisting while lifting and carrying loads

  • Lifting heavy items

  • Not checking how heavy an item may be

  • Sudden jerking movements

  • Poor posture coupled with improper lifting technique

  • Lifting loads above your head

  • Disc degeneration due to repetitive motion

Proven Safety Tips to Eliminate Back Injuries when lifting loads

  • Clear the walking path of debris and any tripping hazards.

  • Avoid reaching over head and lifting loads above the shoulders

  • Check the weight of the item before attempting to lift it.

  • Always keep your back straight

  • Always bend at the knees and never arch your back

  • Lower your body by bending the knees to a 90 degree angle and lift by pushing your body up with your legs

  • Avoid sudden jerking movements that could cause and injury.

  • Do not lift and twist at the same time. Stand upright without twisting. Then move your feet, Do Not twist your body.

  • Firmly grasp the item with both hands and pull it close to your body (power zone).

  • Make sure you can see over the top of what you are trying to lift. Unseen object can slide off and strike your head and face.

  • Always ask for help when attempting to lift heavy loads.

  • Use mechanical devices to lift heavy and bulky loads



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