Are You and Your Family Members at Risk from Mold Infesting Your Home? 

Find out now and discover if Mold is Growing in your home and learn how to kill it for good!

Mold growth could be damaging your home and causing common ailments... 


If you suspect mold in your home, you need to clean it the RIGHT WAY - FAST

All mold is not the same, but if you or your home has any of these signs, there’s a good chance that you have a mold problem that needs to be treated:

  • Foul, musty odors inside your house or basement

  • Hay-fever like symptoms that lessen when you're away from home

  • Stained or discolored walls with a furry-like growth

  • Recent floods or plumbing leaks

  • Other moisture problems like wet spots or condensation on windows

These common signs could indicate that you have a mold problem.  


And, if not treated, you could face high mold remediation costs, damage to personal items, structural damage, and most of all impact to you and your family’s health.​​

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We created this Mold Removal Guide so that you get all of the information you need as well as step-by-step instructions from an expert on how to safely clean and remove mold from surfaces in your home.

The Ultimate Mold Removal Guide For Homeowner's 

*I wrote this comprehensive guide from my experience of over 10 years of mold remediation, inspections, testing, professional training, and experience using the latest industry best practices to eliminate and prevent mold growth.
* (Please see my credentials at the bottom of the page)


Simply put, with this guide –
 You Can Stop Mold Permanently!

L. Finch, Residential Property Manager

WinnCompanies Ft Campbell, KY

Great book, easy and interesting read!  The book breaks down and simplify what can be a seemingly arduous process of the proper methods of cleaning mold. As a property manager I can truly say that this book will help me easily navigate through customer questions and concerns with ease, especially when it comes to remediation and or through assessment of simple and proper clean up.  

Emerald Coat Realtor Cristina Sasso

C. Sasso, Realtor 

Better Homes & Gardens

Emerald Coast Destin FL

This book has been a lifesaver!!  The simple ‘how-to’ sheet is my favorite. Once you know what’s actually causing the mold, you’ll know how to prevent it from ever coming back. Thank you!!!

C. Williams

Some great tips here, cheers :)

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:


  • Exactly what mold is, what causes it to grow, and how to stop it from growing in your home.

  • The 5 most important steps to protect your family from exposure harmful molds. (#3 is unbelievable! )

  • The correct and only way to inspect for mold on walls, ceilings, and in other areas of your home.

  • Easy step-by-step instructions for removing mold from any and all areas in your home.

  • How to stop mold dead in it's tracks and keep it from spreading in your home and affecting your family.

  • The different ways mold can enter your body and potentially cause health issues.

  • Instructions on how to properly dry out building materials within 24 - 48 hours.


You Will Also Learn...

  • How to inspect your home for moisture problems (page 37).

  • How to keep your family safe from mold exposure when removing mold growth (page 88).

  • Ways to eliminate mold growth forever (page 114).

  • How to remove and discard moldy items safely (page 111).

  • Why it's important to act quickly when a moisture problem is found (page 76).

  • The best time to get help from a mold remediation professional (page 86).


F. Farquaharson,  President

Billy's Electrical Services

Hollywood FL

Sometimes we come across issues with mold when remodeling a client’s home.  When this happens, I usually go to this book because it provides step by step instructions on how to really get rid of mold growth.  PLUS, it puts our client's mind at ease to know we have a process to remove the mold and stop it from coming back.  I would recommend this book the removation contractors and those who perform handyman services.

T.W. Hoistad, NC

As a homeowner, Mold:  The Ultimate Homeowner's Removal Guide, is a true asset.  The step by step easy to follow guidelines as well as the videos helped me identify the mold issue in my home and the appropriate course of action.  This is a must have for any homeowner!  

F. Palmer

Miami FL

This book is worth every penny. The consultation with the author was invaluable.  He was able to point me in the right direction that saved me spending tons on money on mold remediation services.

Thank you

Warm regards


Think you’ll never have a mold problem?

Neither did the parents of Kellen Gorman…

They received a $13 million settlement from Crenshaw Lumber Co., for failing to properly store lumber used in their home. The wooden studs were blamed for spreading toxic mold to the Gorman's home and causing serious brain damage to their child (who will need 24-hour care indefinitely).

If you have a moisture problem, you have a mold problem as well.  Left untreated, you can face high mold remediation costs and expose your family to many illnesses.

If you do have mold growth - The Ultimate Mold Removal Guide gives you the step-by-step method to safely remove it from your home for good.  

Mold problems can be avoided by using the simple steps outlined in our Guide. 

Why wait?  Get your copy now to protect you and your family from mold exposure.

Similar books sell for upwards of $60, but you won’t pay that for The Ultimate Mold Removal Guide.


In fact, you won’t even pay half of that!

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Feel secure knowing that you and your family have the answer to mold problems – now or in the future - in this powerful book.


We want you to have the best guide available for mold detection and remediation so we’re giving you some bonuses at no extra charge

FREE access to DIY Mold Removal Guide Videos, Mold Remediation checklists, and Free BioTape sampling media.


Free Videos on How To Remove Mold 

You will have Free access to our DIY video library. Videos range from mold removal, mold prevention, and many other topics.   

Mold Remediation Checklists

In addition to the videos, step-by-step instructions, free consultation, our eBook comes with complete checklists for Mold Removal and Mold Prevention   

Have a mold remediation


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Dainian Nembhard, ASP is an Environmental Health & Safety professional who has performed successful mold investigations and remediation projects for years. A specialist in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and Indoor Air Quality.

Also, he is the founder of Mr. Nembhard holds various credentials in the field of Environmental Health and Safety, Lead-Based Paint,


Mold, Asbestos Hazardous Waste, and is an Associate Safety Professional accredited by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Mr. Nembhard also holds a BS in Occupational Health and Safety.